Food service giants aim to be better informed

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Six of the UK’s leading food service companies have signed up to a scheme to improve the quality of information in the supply chain.

Brake Bros, Makro, Compass Group, Mitchells & Butlers, 3663 and Country Range are being supported by GS1 UK in adopting global data synchronisation to improve the sector’s accuracy of product data and supply chain efficiency.

Stefan Hesse, finance director of Makro, said: “We know from GS1 UK’s Data Crunch study, and from trends that we’ve monitored, that there is going to be an increase in demand for more product information from our customers. So, if there’s an issue with data quality now, it’s going to be considerably more significant going forward.”

The companies have written to their suppliers to encourage them to adopt global data synchronisation to help eliminate wasted time, money and effort, improve data accuracy and cut costs for all in the sector.

For the joint initiative all six businesses have agreed to integrate global data synchronisation into their future data management strategies, accept product data from the global data synchronisation network and work together to encourage the wider food services sector to adopt the same approach.

GS1 UK chief executive, Gary Lynch, said: “It is encouraging to see the food services sector taking a strong step towards improving their data quality for the benefit of all in the supply chain.”


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