LPR wins pallet contract

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Cleaning equipment company Multy has taken on LPR for an outsourced pallet pool service to reduce administration.

More than 200 different products will now go to retailers across the UK on LPR’s red pallets.

LPR takes over responsibility for the pallets as soon as Multy updates LPR on where the pallets are sent. LPR will then organise collection and refurbishment and continually keep the factory stocked with pallets.

LPR’s one-way-trip model reduces internal management. Multy will not have to bring pallets back and refurbish or reconcile complex invoices against pallet stocks.

Jane Gorick, managing director of LPR UK, said: “The one-way-trip model is ideal in today’s fast moving, lean retail supply chains and is helping brands operate both efficiently and effectively… we’re seeing a significant rise in the level of interest in the one-way-trip.”

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