Aerodynamic tanker promises 5pc efficiency boost

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Wincanton is working with oil company Chevron to reduce CO2 emissions with a new design of tanker trailer.

The aerodynamic tanker trailer, built by Lakeland, includes aerodynamic design alterations to both the front and back, resulting in improved airflow over the tank valance to reduce drag.

Additionally there are streamlined body panels integrated into the landing leg and front side guard area, providing further aerodynamic benefits as well as enhanced acoustic insulation for the cargo discharge pump.

Chevron extended its contract with Wincanton in March, in a three year deal worth some £60m.

The new trailer design, coupled with the use of advanced vehicle telematics, is expected improve fuel efficiency by up to five per cent.

The new design also includes some subtle changes to improve safety. These include a full LED lighting system with additional low-level brake lighting, and conspicuity decals to conform to impending legislation.

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