iForce plans to boost value of returns

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iForce has launched a refurbishment and remarketing arm to its returns processing service.

The idea is that rather than simply sell on raw returned product for a client to a jobber for a nominal fee, iForce will refurbish the stock for a fixed cost. It will then sell the refurbished items at a better price with an iForce warranty.

The first refurbishment line has been set up at iForce’s Saltley site and the company has identified areas for similar facilities at other sites. Although consumer electronics are the predominant sector for iForce’s refurbishment and remarketing service it can equally be applied to any high-tech product.

The service will be offered to new clients and as an embedded service to existing clients. It also provides a sales channel for clients wishing to sell their excess and end of line stock, which can no longer be sold through their primary retail channel.

Returns requiring refurbishment arrive on pallets, be refurbished and quality checked by technicians, and leave the line boxed ‘as new’ ready for remarketing. Any product that can’t be repaired will have all its useable parts recovered and the rest will be scrapped in accordance with the WEEE Directive and the recovered credits for precious metals returned.

[asset_ref id=”1068″]Mark Kiteley, who heads the business, said: “Up to 85 per cent of all returned product can be refurbished and remarketed making this very environmentally friendly and sustainable for both us and our clients. The product leaving the refurbishment process is as good as new. The end customer gets a bargain – at least 20 per cent discount on high street retail prices – and still receives the same consumer protection provided by any retailer, such as the Distance Selling Regulations and the Consumer Protection Act.”

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