Online shipments rise despite snow

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The snow has scarcely dented online sales, according to MetaPack, which reckons that the second weekend in December saw the highest level of sales, for the second year running.

Shipments for the third weekend were five per cent up on last year, but behind forecast, because the snow forced retailers to close off some sales to northern areas.

MetaPack measures weekend sales when they are shipped on the Sunday and Monday.

Although the first Monday in December had the largest surge in sales compared to the preceding week (29 per cent up), the busiest shipping day in December was actually Monday the 13th. This was also experienced last year with the 14th being the highest.

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The third Monday in December has also been very strong compared with last year.

MetaPack chief Patrick Wall said: “Retailers were quick to respond to the delivery problems in the North of England by restricting their sales to the worst affected areas, but people are still flocking online to buy.

“The majority of retailers and carriers have acted sensibly and as soon as they knew there were issues, they have advised customers”.

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