Dessert win for NFT

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Sweet Port, which makes chilled desserts, has chosen NFT to handle deliveries to retailers in the UK.

The contract consists of delivering some one million cases, comprising 33 product lines, a year.

The 24/7 operation sees NFT making over 200 deliveries per week of Sweet Port products to customers including; Asda, Budgens, the Co-op, Londis and Waitrose.

Sweet Port products include tiramisu, panna cotta, dolce limone and profiteroles. The contract, which includes branded and private label chilled desserts commenced in November and lasts initially for two years.

General manager Lyndon Stacey said: “Our challenge is managing supply and demand driven by the retailers, which can be as little as 16 hours from order to delivery. Critically, our success relies on high quality production in Italy backed by a robust planning tool that results in an efficient production-to-distribution process.”

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