UKWA in fuel card deal

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UKWA has teamed up with independent Fuel card supplier Forecourt Fuels  which offers a range of fuel card products with a price guarantee linked to both Platts rates and national average pump prices.

Under the scheme, Forecourt Fuels  guarantees to save the account holder a minimum of 2.50 pence per litre net against the overall retail national average on every litre of Diesel purchased from participating sites for a minimum period of 12 Months.

UKWA’s membership services manager, Michael Davison, said: “Recent increases in the price of fuel are causing additional pressure so why not discuss how you can minimise fuel prices with a fuel card for your business? Even fractions of pennies saved on each litre of diesel purchased can equate to many thousands of pounds over a year.”

Small fleets are being forced to turn down work as cost of fuel spirals, according to The Fuelcard Company.

It highlighted comments from David Allen, partner of CS Allen and Sons, who said: “The level of tax has got to be investigated as it’s having a serious knock-on effect to businesses. I’m literally turning work away because I don’t want to spend money on fuel, it’s cheaper not to do some of the work because the cost of the fuel is so high. The way things are at the minute, customers are going to have to pay more for the service we provide or we’ll all be out of business.

“How can we compete with European companies when our tax is so high? We must have a level playing field with Europe.”

Marketing director of the Fuelcard Company, Jakes de Kock, has called for  the government to introduce a fair fuel stabiliser.  He said; “I would strongly urge the government to listen to the needs of the industry before it’s too late.”

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