Stobart partnership commits to a further 170 Scanias

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Stobart has committed to invest in 170 extra Scania vehicles, in an extension of last year’s joint -procurement agreement between Stobart Group, A W Jenkinson Forest Products and Scania that covered 1,000 trucks.

The extra 170 vehicles will be used as fleet replacements and additional vehicles.  They will include R 440 LA6x2/4MNA highline cab right hand drive tractor units for both hauliers, and G 400 LA4x2MNA standard sleeper cab right hand drive tractor units for Stobart.

Stobart chief operating officer, William Stobart said: “Our current fleet of Scanias has been performing well and is capable of meeting Stobart’s diverse operational needs and demands – so we were happy to commit to adding more new Scania R- and G- series models to the fleet.”

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