DHL launches multimodal car transport systems

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DHL Global Forwarding has launched a collapsible C3SB car transport box and double car rack to ease vehicle loading and increase capacity.

The CSB3 has collapsible walls which enables several empty boxes to be piled on top of each other, occupying only one space during transport.

[asset_ref id=”1084″] The C3SB

The car rack has a movable intermediate level, for one sedan-sized vehicle to fit on top of another in a container, so that two cars would only occupy one space.

Cars no longer need to be reloaded during combined road, sea and land transport, since the C3SB box and the car rack are equally suitable for all modes of transport.

Both systems offer protection against damage due to external factors during transport by air, sea and road, such as turbulences, heavy seas or poor roads and have been patented by the German Patent Office.

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