Scotland needs major snow review, says FTA

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The Scottish government should launch an all-embracing review of the failings and successes of the way it dealt with the bad weather, according to the Freight Transport Association.

It said trials of new road salting solutions to prevent icy build-ups on roads were welcome, but measures needed to go further.

Chris MacRae, the association’s head of policy for Scotland, said: “We welcome continuing efforts by Scottish government, Transport Scotland and their delivery partners to look at methods of combating any repeat of the extreme weather problems that caused so much difficulty for Scotland’s supply chains pre-Christmas.”

“However, an all-embracing review of all the failings and the successes over the last two months is needed so all the lessons can be learned. The scale of disruption faced by Scotland’s supply chain in the pre-Christmas snowfall was unprecedented and many companies are still counting the costs.”

The Scottish government is looking a the fitting of winter tyres to lorries and other vehicles. But, the FTA said, it was important that this small part of winter preparedness did not become the focus of Scottish government’s entire solution.

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