Scott Bader cuts costs by switching to a shared-user network

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Scott Bader has eliminated unnecessary expense from its supply chain after joining Norbert Dentressangle Transport Services’ shared-user network.

The chemical company, which specialises in the development, manufacture and sale of composite resins, gel coats, adhesives and polymers, operates from five manufacturing sites across the world.

Previously, it used its own dedicated fleet for transporting goods, but due to changes in the marketplace the company felt it had become an inefficient use of its resources, and ultimately not cost effective.

Norbert Dentressangle now collects articulated trailer loads of product from Scott Bader’s manufacturing facilities at the company’s head office in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, as well as from warehouse facilities in Plymouth.

Product is then trunked into the shared-user network for next-day delivery to some 900 points across the UK.

Deliveries are made to marina-based boat builders, manufacturers, industry, construction companies and retailers.

Norbert Dentressangle provides a dedicated site manager and account development manager to administer the contract and work closely with Scott Bader.

Some 80 per cent of products are hazardous and therefore subject to ADR regulations. To ensure the safe transport of these goods, Norbert Dentressangle segregates consignments inside the trailers.

The company has also invested in specialist training to ensure all its drivers are fully trained to respond quickly to emergency situations. Additionally, vehicles are equipped with a specialist spillage handling kit.

From the point of pick confirmation, Scott Bader is able to electronically transfer consignments via Norbert Dentressangle’s IT system. The SHARP (Shipment Handling and Reporting Program) system, which is accessed via a dedicated website, allows management to view and download track, trace and point of delivery confirmation.

Solly Wilson, logistics manager at Scott Bader, said: “With a flexible shared-user network, Norbert Dentressangle provides a lean solution that has reduced costs and enhanced service to our end customers.”

Since the company made the transition from the dedicated service to Norbert Dentressangle’s shared-user network, service levels for on-time, in-full deliveries have consistently been 98 per cent or above.

The dedicated on-site team manage the UK mainland transport requirements for Scott Bader and regularly analyses the supply chain operation – presenting this information at review meetings in a bid to remove cost wherever possible and improve the operation.

Norbert Dentressangle also provides warehouse training, including forklift truck training, to Scott Bader’s warehousing operatives at its Wollaston site as part of a commitment to continuous improvement.


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