Vans will need to meet Euro 3 for LEZ

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As of January 2012, owners of larger vans that do not meet the Euro 3 standard for particulate matter will have to pay a £100 daily charge or risk a £500 penalty for driving within London’s Low Emission Zone.

Larger vans were due to be included in the LEZ from 4th October 2010, but following public consultation it was deferred to give owners and operators of some 72,000 non-compliant vehicles time to adapt. 

TfL reckons that road transport emissions are the largest source of dangerous particulate matter air pollution in the capital,with larger vans responsible for 21 per cent of these emissions.

HGVs currently needed to meet Euro 3 standards for particulate matter, but as of 3rd January 2012 this will be raised to Euro 4.

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