Record fuel prices are double blow for shoppers, warns Wincanton chief

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Record high prices for diesel will be passed on to retail customers, Wincanton’s retail chief Gordon Scott has warned.

The Road Haulage Association’s fuel price survey showed a record high last week with a national average price of 109.48 pence per litre of diesel.

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Scott said: “It is already recognised that higher fuel duty could obliterate a number of UK hauliers but what many are unaware of is the ‘double impact’ on the high street.  This is where ordinary shoppers have to pay twice, both for their own fuel as well as ultimately the fuel duty within the transport costs of the goods that they buy.

“While it is true that many retailers try hard not to pass costs onto shoppers, the current levels of duty do not make this wholly sustainable.

“We are in tough economic times but next month’s budget needs to present a solution that takes account of the ‘double impact’ on the public.”


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