Lightweight Cheetah from Cartwright

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Body and trailer manufacturer Cartwright has launched a 3.5 tonne urban delivery vehicle based on its Cheetah body design, incorporating a lightweight door which acts as a tail lift.

Known as the Cub, the vehicle includes a rear door loading and unloading feature that converts into a ramp and replaces the need for a tail lift.

The Rampdoor is manufactured from lightweight materials and has a slip resistant surface for safety. It is lighter than a tail lift by about 80 kilos, and is suitable for loading trolleys and cages

The 3.5 tonne chassis has over a one tonne payload. The design includes a new aerodynamic front mould, side collars and bodywork. It can also be based upon a 3.5 to 5.5 tonne vehicle design.

[asset_ref id=”1140″]The Cub with Rampdoor in use.

[asset_ref id=”1141″]The Cub with Rampdoor closed.

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