Agility develops cross border trucking to China

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Logistics firm Agility is expanding its South East Asian cross border trucking operations as demand grows for road services to connect countries across the region and into China.

Its trucking network provides shippers with the option to truck directly to several major cities in South East Asia and China as well as direct connections to major airports and ports in the region.

In 2009, China became the Association of South East Asian Nations’ largest trading partner, accounting for 11.6 per cent of its total trade, while in the first eight months of 2010, trade between the region and China was 47 per cent higher than the volume for the same period in 2009.

“Customer demand for cross border logistics in South East Asia has been growing dramatically year-after-year as more manufacturers relocate to the region to take advantage of the increasing connectivity and lower labour and land costs.” said Mike Gildea, Agility’s chief executive officer of South East Asia.

Agility has also been working with authorities in South East Asia to improve border administration and accelerate customs clearance, while improving security through a reduction in trans-loading. It also uses trucks equipped with the latest GPS technology and in-container camera security connected to a command centre in Bangkok.

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