TGI Friday’s turns cooking oil into truck fuel

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TGI Friday’s is to use its waste cooking oil as fuel for the trucks that supply its restaurants.

It has signed a deal with Convert2Green and 3663 to turn waste cooking oil from around 50 restaurants in the UK into bio-diesel.

Alyson Scott, head of supply chain at TGI Friday’s, said: “Like most restaurant groups, we produce large quantities of waste cooking oil per annum – which might otherwise go to landfill and may even cause environmental problems, but recycling it to high quality bio-fuel can help TGI Friday’s to reduce carbon emissions by up to 90 per cent.”

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The waste oil will be collected by Convert2Green, refined into bio-diesel at its plant in Cheshire and will be used to fuel the vehicles of 3663, TGI Friday’s supply chain partner, to deliver the food to the restaurants.

“We have clear goals to reach in terms of recycling and energy savings – our aim is to totally eradicate all landfill by 2012 and reduce our energy consumption by 15 per cent by the same date – and we’re well on track to achieving both of those targets,” said Scott.

Faye Reeve, senior buyer at 3663 said: “The use of bio diesel in our fleet is a fantastic way to reduce our carbon emissions while also offering a solution to recycling a waste product and retaining the benefits of this in a secured supply chain.”

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