Low carbon guide for trucks of the future

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The joint industry/government Automotive Council has published a long-term strategy to guide manufacturers of commercial vehicles to low carbon solutions.

“The Commercial Vehicle and Off-Highway Technology Roadmap” is designed to help determine research priorities and help vehicle manufacturers and the supply chain draft long-term business plans.

Business secretary and co-chair of the Automotive Council Vince Cable said: “Work on lowering carbon emissions from cars is well underway. Now we need to look at other parts of the sector and how they can help meet our long term obligations on CO2 and air quality targets. This roadmap will help companies make the right investment choices as well as promote UK innovation and technology.”

It outlines the drivers and timescales of technology development for manufacturers of commercial vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and construction equipment. These technologies include hybridisation, more efficient powertrains and alternative fuels.

The report defines four vehicle categories based on engine size from 1.5litre to 16 litres. It sets out objectives for up to 2050 and  identifies parallel technology streams depending on duty cycles.

Key points or the report are that:

* Relevant emission saving technologies will depend on: the duty cycle and power requirements of the vehicle; refuelling and range requirements; and the cost of ownership.

*An affordable and sustainable low carbon liquid fuel will be a key requirement for these developments.

* Integrated logistics will offer opportunities and benefits for both on and off-highway vehicles.

The guide can be accessed at www.automotivecouncil.co.uk

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