Arla makes carbon savings

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Arla Foods’ drive to cut carbon within its logistics function has already resulted in an eight per cent reduction in CO2 emissions since 2005.

When the London Low Emission Zone was introduced in 2008 Arla’s fleet was already compliant with the legislation. New regulations will demand that vehicles comply to Euro 4 particulate emission levels from January 2012.

As part of its vehicle replacement scheme, vehicles operating out of its Oakthorpe dairy in Enfield that travel into London are already Euro 4 or higher.

[asset_ref id=”567″] An LEZ compliant Arla tanker

Gordon Irvine, group fleet director, said: “Unlike companies which rely on using
particulate traps to clean up older vehicles and ensure that they are compliant with the London Low Emission Zone, Arla is ensuring that it is continually investing in its national fleet and is taking full responsibility for its environmental commitments.“

35 per cent of Arla’s vehicles are already fitted with idle shut‐down features. Some also have aerodynamic outer panelling, wind deflectors and variable deck trailers reduce fuel consumption.

Arla has committed to cutting carbon by 34 per cent and has also set targets across its business to have a 30 per cent of its energy coming from renewable sources by 2020. It also plans to cut water usage by20 per cent by 2015 and zero waste going to landfill by 2012.

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