City Link launches customer service tool

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City Link has launched a service which allows customers to view the entire delivery process of all consignments in real time from any computer, anywhere in the world.

My City Link provides customers with password protected access enabling them to monitor the status of all their parcels in the City Link network, as well as track individual consignments.

The system was developed over an 18 months period following conversations with customers, and its customers’ customers who said that control was their main issue.

The service is available to all existing customers and will be offered to all new customers as standard free of charge.

Customers logging on can view delivery information at a number of different levels, including the exact whereabouts of a specific consignment which will be shown on a Google map with a coloured flag. Delivery routes will not be given though to maintain security levels.

The system also provides a broader view of all deliveries in a particular region. After clicking on the chosen region four colour-coded boxes pop up indicating the total number of parcels in one of four categories: delivered; about to be delivered; delivery attempted but no-one was in; and failures.

City Link says the system can also help to speed up handling of complaints as customers can use consignment numbers to find out which parcels are in each category. City Link can also send customers proof of delivery and failed delivery notices.

By clicking on the consignment number customers can identify the progress of the delivery of a particular consignment, including any reason for delays and any remedial action that City Link is already undertaking, allowing them to proactively warn their customers if a problem arises.

If a parcel has been mis-sorted and customers let City Link know that this consignment needs to be urgently delivered that day this can also be sorted.

Drivers relay all information in real-time to City Link’s computers via MC70 hand-held devices, including a record of deliveries that have been completed as well as failed deliveries where no-one was at the address and a card has been left.

In the case of a missed delivery drivers take a photo of the front door or gate to prove they have visited the address. All information is uploaded to the central system, which is supported by Nexus, within two and a half minutes.

City Link also provides an “on our way” text or email the night before a delivery which allows customers to rearrange to another date over the next four working days.

In the fourth quarter the company plans to add an estimated time of delivery text to its service offering.

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