Boeing names partners for £700m defence logistics contract

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Boeing Defence UK has named the seven companies that will support it as the delivery partner for the MoD’s Logistics Network Enabled Capability (Log NEC).

In November, Boeing Defence signed a ten-year £700 million contract with the Ministry of Defence as the Future Logistic Information Services (FLIS) delivery partner.

The Log NEC encompasses all elements of logistic information capabilities that have a direct, or indirect, influence on the delivery of defence logistics. Partners for the programme are: Ark Continuity, BearingPoint, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM UK, Miro Technologies, and Steria.

The concept of a FLIS Delivery Partner is embedded within the Log NEC programme. Over the life of the FLIS contract the challenges and focus of the delivery partner will change to meet requirements. Initially it will focus on:

* Absorption of, and transition from, current support arrangements while maintaining and optimising Log IS in support of logistics transformation.

* Integration of ongoing development work in progress at contract award

* Reducing the whole life cost of logistic information systems

* Assisting the JSC in the maintenance and future development of the Joint Logistic NEC Enterprise Architecture.

Jeff Peté, Log NEC programme manager for Boeing Defence UK, said: “Our approach in selecting our team for Log NEC is to produce a cost-effective, schedule-driven and high-performing programme for the Ministry of Defence.”

The subcontractors will provide their expertise as Boeing assists the MOD in the transformation of its end-to-end logistics support chain and integrates more than 200 software applications used to manage logistics data.

Ark Continuity will lease and provide managed service of two data centres

BearingPoint will provide an analytics capability and the managed service of the enterprise data warehouse to integrate MOD data

EMC will provide IT hardware and software, and manage the implementation of the data centre storage and backup solution

Hewlett-Packard will provide IT services and hardware; break fix service for legacy hardware; implementation and support for the service desk management tool; other hardware; and management of some of the legacy land applications

IBM UK will provide IT services, hardware, and software, as well as management of information exchange services and engineering and asset management system for the air environment

Miro Technologies will provide software and consulting; development, implementation, and sustainment of the base inventory management systems project; and management of an engineering and asset-management application

Steria will provide IT services and software, and manage the service for some of the legacy applications.

Other Log NEC contributors include Tapestry Solutions, Aviall and Kestrel, all Boeing subsidiaries.


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