Gas power for Volvo trunker

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Volvo is launching a gas powered truck for trunking operations. The Volvo FM MethaneDiesel is powered by up to 75 per cent gas and the company reckons it can significantly reduce O2 emissions from heavy and long-distance transport operations.

Claes Nilsson, president Europe division, said: “By using liquefied gas in an efficient diesel engine, we make it possible to use gas-powered trucks in heavier and longer-distance transport operations, making us the first manufacturer in Europe to do so.”

Volvo reckons that compared with conventional gas-powered spark-plug engines, this gas technology offers 30 to 40 per cent higher efficiency, and this in turn cuts fuel consumption by 25 per cent.

The Volvo FM MethaneDiesel will initially be sold in Europe. First off the mark will be the Netherlands, Great Britain and Sweden, where the gas infrastructure is best established. At present there are plans to build about 100 trucks in 2011. Series production will get under way in August. Other parts of the world will follow, as well as sales on additional European markets.

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