RFG outrage at chunnel exemption plan

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The Rail Freight Group says it is outraged to find that  several members of the European Parliament are proposing that the Channel Tunnel should not have to comply with European railway law.

The amendments, proposed to the text of the Recast of the First Railway Package, would exempt Eurotunnel from all of the requirements of liberalisation, including fair and open access, interoperability, and equitable charging.

RFG understands that the justification given for this is that Eurotunnel is a private company and as such the rules should not apply.

RFG chairman Tony Berkeley said: “It is about time that those with an interest in the Channel Tunnel realised that long term financial success will never be achieved through an archaic form of protectionism. Only by allowing Eurotunnel and train operators to grow their businesses through free and open competition will it ever have a chance of succeeding. We urge all MEPs to oppose this amendment vigorously.”

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