Geodis Calberson wins Slovenian beer contract

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Lasko Beer has signed a contract with Geodis Calberson to bring Slovenian lagers and lager-based drinks to the UK.

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Under the rolling contract, Geodis Calberson will transport a range of bottled drinks including the Balkans’ best selling Zlatorog lager, as well as Lasko Export Gold and Lasko Dark into the UK.

Consignments will also include the Bandidos range of lager-based drinks flavoured with tequila, lemon and lime, and orange and guava.

Geodis Calberson will collect the bottled drinks from the brewery in Lasko, Slovenia, which is reportedly the largest brewery in the Balkan region.

It will then arrange inbound transport, customs clearance and storage at its depot in High Wycombe. From there it will then pick orders and distribute the bottled drinks to handpicked wholesalers who will sell them into pubs.

Cambridge-based Lasko Beer is a new company set up to import the Slovenian drinks by Charles Gardner and Mark Weaver.

Sales director Weaver said: “These are very exciting times for Lasko Beer, from being virtually unknown in the UK, apart from in the expatriate Balkan community, the lagers could become hugely popular.

“And if our business takes off as we are hoping, Geodis Calberson’s contract with us could grow as well.”



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