Yodel joins group to fight cyber crime

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Yodel has joined forces with a number of global businesses to create a group of founder members supporting the launch of the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA), which aims to tackle the growing threat posed by cyber criminals.

ICSPA is a global not-for-profit organisation established to channel funding, expertise and assistance to help law enforcement cybercrime units in both domestic and international markets.

The group has been endorsed by the Prime Minister David Cameron and chaired by the David Blunkett.

ICSPA will work with the UK and foreign governments, law enforcement organisations and businesses to identify areas of vulnerability and to fund targeted programmes that will boost protection against cyber crime.

Yodel chief executive Jonathan Smith said: “As one of the UK’s leading delivery companies, handling sensitive packages and crucial data for businesses and consumers, Yodel is well aware of the growing threat posed by criminals operating online.

“We take this issue incredibly seriously and are proud to be a founding member of ICSPA. By working together with stakeholders on a global basis, the organisation is in a position to make a real difference and help clamp down on cybercrime.”

ICSPA will work with Europol to identify the areas of need but the training of law enforcement officers and information sharing systems will form the first tranche of projects led and funded by the organisation.

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