Lufthansa Cargo set to switch to lightweight containers

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Lufthansa Cargo is set to partially replace its container fleet with containers made from a plastic material which is 15 per cent lighter this autumn.

The smaller containers which are transported on the under-floor deck cargo planes and passenger planes will be changed first, with completion expected by 2015.

As the containers are lighter, kerosene consumption will be lowered to 2,180 tonnes per year and Lufthansa expects to save 6,867 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

A total of 5,000 will be replaced.

Lufthansa Cargo and Jettainer, a Lufthansa Cargo subsidiary, have carried out on-board testing of the new containers, which will be used both for transporting passengers’ luggage as well as for cargo shipments.

The tests found that the containers needed fewer repairs than conventional transport containers made of aluminium and meet the necessary standards.

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