PZ Cussons contract to LPR

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Manufacturer PZ Cussons, has awarded a contract to European pallet pooler LPR to supply pallets for the movement of its household and beauty products such as Imperial Leather, Original Source and Carex.

James Harris, head of logistics at PZ Cussons, said: “The importance of pallet quality can’t be underestimated when it comes to the fast-paced retail supply chain. With increasing automation in our plants we had to have in place a partner that could provide reliable and consistent quality as the impact and cost of a pallet failure is significant.”

PZ Cussons’ own logistics providers collect pallets from LPR and take them to the factories in Chadderton and Salford where more than 400 different product lines are distributed to UK retailers. Collecting pallets on the back of its existing delivery schedule also reduces vehicle movements.

LPR and its logistics partner, TDG, undertake all pallet collections from retailer distribution centres, sort every pallet every trip and undertake repair where required, so that PZ Cussons can focus on getting goods to store.

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