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Free consultations with logistics industry experts will be a key feature of Logistics Link North. The Logistics Optimisation Clinic will have industry experts on-hand to provide free advice and consultation on a range of logistics optimisation issues.

The consultation sessions will run for 20 minutes. You can book a session with a consultant at the web site:

Neil Middleton of Bisham Consulting will cover:
* Avoiding common pitfalls in logistics and supply chain strategy
* Rapid diagnostics for transport and warehouse performance improvements
* Optimising your inventory and stock availability
* Effective outsourcing and third party contract management

Ted Maley of Bisham Consulting will cover:
* Trouble shooting lack of space and inefficient layouts
* How to turn low productivity around and improve customer service
* Planning for growth and/or rationalising space in downturns

Jeremy Batchelor of Catalyst Logistics will cover:
*  Optimising global networks starting with seeing what the heck is going on!
* Deploying inventory around your network to get the best RoI
* Delivering high service at low cost in complex supply chains
* Stop simulating and start planning labour cost reduction in large DC’s
* Supply chain performance measures from unpromising logistics systems
* Reducing transport costs in complex, time-critical networks

Simon Tomlinson of The Logistics Business will cover:
* Getting your warehouse automation right to drive down costs
* Improving e-commerce fulfilment for minimum cost, optimum service
* Use of modelling to understand your supply chain
* Running a headache-free retail distribution operation
* Warehouse layout planning – getting it right from the start

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