Perkins renews inbound logistics contract with DHL

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Diesel engine manufacturer Perkins has renewed its logistics contract with DHL Supply Chain for two years.

DHL will collect parts from Perkins’ UK suppliers and deliver into its UK factories.

Perkins sources parts from more than 140 UK suppliers to produce a range of engines for heavy construction, agricultural, marine and material handling products. DHL will make around 500 collections a week from the suppliers and deliver to Perkins’ factories in Peterborough and Stafford.

As part of the deal, DHL will continue trunking finished engines from the Peterborough factory to a local external storage warehouse.

Since DHL first won the contract in 1995, there have been a number of initiatives to improve the efficiency of the vehicle fleet, including vehicle aerodynamics and training in safer, more fuel efficient, driving techniques.

Bob Naylor, DHL’s vice president for UK freight, said: “Perkins and DHL have now agreed a set of common goals to deliver even greater efficiencies and higher safety levels in the future.”





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