Logistics comes to life in Doncaster

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[asset_ref id=”1268″]Logistics Link North returns to Doncaster in a brand new warehouse venue providing an unmissable opportunity to test and compare some of the industry’s most innovative products and services in a warehouse environment.

New this year is the Logistics Optimisation Clinic where logistics and supply chain experts from leading consultancies will be providing advice on a range of issues.

There will be live demonstrations of the latest industrial print and apply labelling systems; picker trucks; shrink wrapping technology; articulated forklift trucks; voice-picking technology; barcoding and RFID products.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport will be running a Training Academy with 30 minute sessions designed to provide a flavour of the short courses and the continuing  rofessional development support that it offers.

Of course there is the Logistics Manager Conference which includes speakers from Molson Coors, John Lewis and Sotheby’s.

And, the Seminar Programme at Logistics Link North will include insightful case studies from suppliers who can demonstrate how their clients have been able to achieve great cost savings and have dramatically improved their operations. These sessions focusing on best practice are very popular so it’s worth getting there early.

Here are some of the highlights of Logistics Link North:

Live demo: Safety
management for racking

Rack Safety Solutions has launched a web-based racking safety management system developed by SEMA inspectors, rack repair engineers, end users and classification charts compiled by SEMA inspectors which allow consistent rack damage identification. It also shows automatic prioritisation of damages and innovative fail safe and reminder features to ensure inspections are always completed on time and the most dangerous items are addressed first. The firm will demonstrate and explain the applications of the system in its debut at Logistics Link North.

Doncaster at the heart of logistics
Invest in Doncaster provides assistance to inward investors and indigenous businesses including specialist logistics support. It is a partner in the South Yorkshire Sector Growth Enhancement Programme that is part-financed by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund. Doncaster has plans to develop seven million square feet of distribution facilities with a rail connected inland port with customs clearance and bonded warehouses.

LM Conference: Flattening costs
while ramping up customer service Molson Coors is keeping costs flat in a tough economic climate while at the same time keeping the supply chain focused on the customer. Andy Hadley, director of logistics, planning and supply management will provide an insight into the strategy.

Voice direction from Zetes
Zetes will be demonstrating two products designed to save money and boost efficiency. Zetes 3iV WES Express is a voice directed work system that works with any WMS or ERP system and is suitable for picking, put-away, inventory management and all other standard warehouse functions. Zetes will also show Visidot image based data capture which can read hundreds of barcodes simultaneously and cuts the costs of incoming or outgoing shipping verification.

LM Conference: From fire power to fine art
Stuart Beeby is global logistics director for Sotheby’s and formerly a Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force. He will look at how the apparently different worlds of Military and Fine Art logistics have much in common – with some intriguing insights into achieving world class performance in customer centric organisations.

New: Flexible sortation system
SDI Group will be demonstrating its Flexible Sortation Units – a product of an extensive research and development effort to create a more economical solution that could compete with traditional tilt tray sorters. The FSU makes 14,400 trays available per hour past a single point and enables elevation changes, all the while maintaining the ability to make both left and right hand turns. Such layout configurations are made possible by the patent-pending chainless design.

New: New look for DeltaWMS
DeltaWMS has rebranded in line with the latest reporting suite in version 7.0 of its warehouse performance system. The new look company and system are both on show at Logistics Link North. Other features in DeltaWMS version 7.0 include automatic production of retailer advanced shipment notifications for improved load management, plus enhanced management of picking operations.

New: Latest version of monitoring and alerting system
AEB (International) will be introducing the latest version of its Monitoring & Alerting module. And it will be showcasing its suite of supply chain management software solutions. The ASSIST4 product offers functionality via a range of modules including warehouse management, transport and freight management, customs management, compliance and risk management and visibility & collaboration.

New: Integrated access and control
Broughton Controls is launching its modular integrated access and physical control system iFlow 247 at Logistics Link and will be running live demonstrations of the systems. iFlow 247 is a system of physical controls, intelligent access management, report systems and control interface with purchase, inventory, routeing and consignment planning packages. It is designed as a modular system deploying open protocol systems thereby avoiding lengthy contracts and financial penalties often associated with existing systems in the marketplace.

LM Conference: John Lewis’s automated distribution centre
John Lewis’s new automated distribution centre at Milton Keynes has revolutionised the department store’s supply chain. General manager John Munnelly will be explaining how.

Chess focus on SC execution
Chess Logistics Technology provide warehouse management software and integrated real time systems to maximise supply chain efficiency from manufacturer to consumer. The Core Plus architecture of the Empirica product range enables solutions built on standard products to maintain full upgrade capability.

LM Conference: Streamlining warehouse processes
Kevin Zwolinski, founder of Click on Logistics, will focus on automating the warehouse to drive down costs and improve efficiency. He will also look at aligning warehouse and distribution needs and practices.

Boosting coverage of wireless LAN
Extricom is a manufacturer of fourth generation enterprise wireless LAN solutions, based on its Channel Blanket technology architecture. The Extricom architecture enables seamless WLAN warehouse deployment by overcoming coverage obstacles such as metal structures and rapidly changing RF landscapes due to the constant movement of goods, while maintaining productivity of a highly mobile workforce.

LM Conference: Challenges in supply chain management
Julian Mosquera, director of LCP Consulting, will consider the challenges facing supply chain professionals including: increased turbulence – the new normal; landscape of opportunities – sector differences; and logistics – moving past the challenges.

Resins to be cheerful
Flooring specialist Grimsby Resin Floors reckons that many companies spend a small fortune on repairs to materials handling equipment because of damaged and poorly repaired flooring. On top of that there is lost working time due to illness and injury, as well as accident claims. For expansion joints, GRF has a resin product that provide a clean, long life solution. Other products include non slip pedestrian walkways, hatched areas and emergency exits.

Sneak preview: Optima warehouse management system
Optima WS has been supplying warehouse management software as software-as-a-service for six years. Warehouse operators can access their WMS from any PC with an internet connection at low cost. It will be exhibiting the latest version of the Optimiser WMS with a full run through of all the features and there will be a sneak preview of the new Optimiser II that will be released early next year (free upgrade to online clients). The new Optimiser II will be using the very latest in software design and programming technology.

LM Conference: The right staff for business success
Dr Mick Jackson, cheif executive of Skills for Logistics, will look at how to find and develop staff with the qualities needed to improve productivity and service.

Lydia talks
top-VOX is a specialist in speech-based logistics applications (Pick by Voice) and manufacturer of the VOXter hardware system for speech recognition. It will be showing topSPEECH-Lydia, a speech-controlled picking system which it reckons outperforms any common MDE or paper-based system by significantly increasing both efficiency and quality.

LM Conference: Better value outsourcing
Solicitor Nigel Kotani, partner with LLC Law, will examine the use of KPIs in outsourcing contracts to incentivise providers to supply a tailored service.

RFID and barcode technology
inotec Barcode Security has been producing barcode and RFID solutions since 1978. It offers a wide range printing methods, which include photo composition,  hermal transfer and digital. Its portfolio of products contains RFID smart labels, blank labels, metal and ceramic labels, in-mould labels as well as library cards and many more.

LM Conference: Creating the space to improve horizontal collaboration
Stephen Rinsler, director of Bisham Consulting and international vice president of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, will look at how horizontal collaboration in supply chains can reduce wastage. TAILgate is a possible technology solution that will deliver the collaboration space.

Route optimisation options
Integrated Skills is UK distributor of RouteSmart, the high-density routeing software. It has become a route optimisation system of choice by a large number of environmental services sector. Integrated Skills also has exclusive distribution rights to WinRoute, a low-density routeing package for product and parcels collection and delivery and all manner of other route planning and optimisation tasks.

Bendi way to save space
Translift Bendi has been designing and manufacturing ground breaking, space saving forklift trucks since 1964. The Bendi can store pallets in aisles as small as 1.5 metres and lift pallets to heights of 12.5 metres. It is available in either electric or LPG gas-powered versions and is equally at home inside or outside, so it can unload lorries then take pallets straight to the racks. It can also handle long and awkward loads.

Handling systems from BS
BS Handling Systems provide conveyor, warehouse and storage solutions across industries. It offers a range of services, from turnkey project management to breakdown and repairs of all handling systems.

End-to-end supply chain software
Click Reply is an end-to-end software suite covering supply chain planning – particularly in the area of warehouse optimisation and transport planning and scheduling – and supply chain execution, integrating inventories, warehousing and transport. The Click Reply Suite includes technology modules covering RFID and voice technology.

Security by Stealth
Stealth Security was formed in 2002 to offer a focused approach to help people reduce losses. It also keeps personnel and property safe and maximise process and procedural efficiencies. It is an SIA Approved Contractor.

Practical seminars
The Seminar Programme at Logistics Link North provides insightful case-studies from suppliers who can demonstrate how their clients have been able to achieve cost savings and have improved their operations. These best practice led sessions have proved very popular so get there early.


[asset_ref id=”1269″]Intelligent automation
Knapp will be highlighting its capabilities in the design, installation and maintenance of automated warehouse systems. Knapp specialises in intelligent conveyor, free-roaming shuttles, automated storage and retrieval systems, sorters and A-frame dispensers. Paperless fulfilment – including RF, pick-bylight, and voice-directed order picking – is a particular specialism. It will be showing its OSR Shuttle range, which combines shuttle-based storage with pick-to-light stations and can achieve up to six times the rate of totes in/out than a traditional ASRS, while having about 20 per cent less footprint and using less than ten per cent of the energy consumption. Knapp will also be promoting its warehouse software.

CILT Training Academy
Boost your career prospects

Visitors to Logistics Link North will have the opportunity to experience some of the courses and CPD support offered by The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. The CILT Training Academy will include sessions introducing a range of courses:

The Supply Chain Awareness Game
A cost-effective training tool designed to develop an awareness and understanding of the supply chain in a friendly learning environment. The game provides delegates with an understanding of supply chain management and how the principles can be applied to their own organisation.

Warehouse Management
This course covers the key elements of warehouse management practice, focusing on the understanding and competences that are fundamental to commercial organisations. The course is aimed at junior and middle managers.

Carbon Awareness
This course gives participants enhanced knowledge of the impact of the different greenhouse gases on the atmosphere as well as carbon footprint methodology. Develop an understanding of the legislation (in place and to come) and carbon accounting terminology.

Continuing Professional Development
Keeping your knowledge and skills up to date in today’s fast-changing world of work is vitally important, yet some people find it more challenging to plan and systematically improve their own skills than to set up systems for continuous improvement in the workplace. This will explore the importance of CPD and the different ways you can plan, record and develop a CPD plan, which will guide through your career.

Visit the web site for dates and times for each session: http://north.logisticslink.co.uk

Free WiFi at Logistics Link
Visitors to Logistics  ink North will be able to access free wifi throughout the show – enabling them to concentrate on the cost-saving and productivity-raising ideas on offer while staying on contact with the office or warehouse. The service will be supplied by Extricom, a manufacturer of fourth generation enterprise wireless LAN solutions based on its Channel Blanket technology
architecture, for use in all wireless communication technologies.


[asset_ref id=”1270″]Compact AGVs on show
E&K Automation, the supplier of automated guided vehicles, will be showcasing its range of Compact counterbalance AGVs. The Compact delivers an optimised blend of competitive price, small size, high manoeuvrability, reduced weight, lower energy consumption and stability.




Logistics Manager Conference Programme

Tuesday 27th September 2011

10:00 – 10:45 Flattening costs while ramping up customer focus Andy Hadley, Molson Coors (UK & Ireland)

11:30 – 12:15 Trends, issues and challenges in supply chain management Julian Mosquera, LCP Consulting

13:00 – 13:45 Creating the space to improve horizontal collaboration Stephen Rinsler, Bisham Consulting

14:00 – 14:45 The right staff for business success Dr Mick Jackson, Skills for Logistics

Wednesday 28th September 2011

10:00 – 10:45 Implementing effective distribution operations John Munnelly, John Lewis Distribution Centre

11:30 – 12:15 Better value outsourcing Nigel Kotani, LLC Law LLP

13:00 – 13:45 Streamlining warehouse processes Kevin Zwolinski, Click on Logistics

14:00 – 14:45 From Fire Power to Fine Art Stuart Beeby, Sotheby’s

You can book places for the sessions at: http://north.logisticslink.co.uk


[asset_ref id=”1271″]Flexi for very narrow aisles
Flexi Narrow Aisle will be highlighting its new Flexi VNA articulated forklift truck. The four-wheel, electricpowered VNA truck is designed to offer faster, safer work cycles with optimum stability in aisles as narrow as 1,600mm wide. It can lift pallets to heights of up to 7.9 metres, is supplied as standard with treaded cushion rubber tyres for maximum traction in wet outdoor conditions.





New: Latest Psion PDA
Renovotec is a platinum partner of Psion and will be demonstrating the new Psion PDA, the EP10 which has just been launched. It will also show the Psion Omnii XT10 – buyers of the XT10 in Q3 will qualify for an upgrade to the latest Omnii XT15 for only £175 when it is launched. Industry favourites such as the WAP3 (Workabout Pro), the Ikon and Neo (all Psion) will also be on the stand. There will be a range of printers from Toshiba, Datamax O’Neil and Intermec. It also offers RenovoSure as a maintenance product/service.

Meet the UK Warehousing Association
Members of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association undertake a wide range of warehousing and added value services, from animal feed storage through bonded warehousing to e-fulfilment but, regardless of the areas in which they specialise, the association’s members all share a determination to drive up professional standards in the warehousing sector. Find out more at the UKWA stand at Logistics Link.

Logistics Optimisation Clinic
Book your place at the Logistics Optimisation Clinic
Free consultations with logistics industry experts will be a key feature of Logistics Link North. The Logistics Optimisation Clinic will have industry experts on-hand to provide free advice and consultation on a range of logistics optimisation issues. The consultation sessions will run for 20 minutes. You can book a session with a consultant at the web site: http://north.logisticslink.co.uk 

Neil Middleton of Bisham Consulting will cover:

Avoiding common pitfalls in logistics and supply chain strategy
Rapid diagnostics for transport and warehouse performance improvements
Optimising your inventory and stock availability
Effective outsourcing and third party contract management

Ted Maley of Bisham Consulting will cover:

Trouble shooting lack of space and inefficient layouts
How to turn low productivity around and improve customer service
Planning for growth and/or rationalising space in downturns

Jeremy Batchelor of Catalyst Logistics will cover:

Optimising global networks starting with seeing what the heck is going on!
Deploying inventory around your network to get the best ROI
Delivering high service at low cost in complex supply chains
Stop simulating and start planning labour cost reduction in large DCs
Supply chain performance measures from unpromising logistics systems
Reducing transport costs in complex, time-critical networks

Simon Tomlinson of The Logistics Business will cover:

Getting your warehouse automation right to drive down costs
Improving e-commerce fulfilment for minimum cost, optimum service Use of modelling to understand your supply chain
Running a headache-free retail distribution operation
Warehouse layout planning – getting it right from the start Full booking details are on the web site: http://north.logisticslink.co.uk


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