Toyota fits shock sensors to BT Reflex trucks

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Toyota is now fitting all new BT Reflex reach trucks with shock sensors as standard.

The sensors allow any impact to trucks to be monitored, recorded and linked to drivers – leading to cost savings as well as increased safety on-site.

Commercial director Sam Coles said: “In our experience we often find that the 80/20 rule applies, in that 20 per cent of the operators account for 80 per cent of all the damages. The problem is to identify those operators and take corrective action, whether it is improved training or reassessing aisle layout. To address this issue Toyota equips trucks with shock sensors, a device which measures impact and shocks on the truck.”

The threshold for impact can be preset and only impacts exceeding the threshold value will be registered. These values are set through a service parameter on the truck. When a shock exceeds the threshold value, the truck will be limited to creep speed (2.5 km/h) and a signal will sound every five seconds, until a reset of the truck has been performed. A reset is done, either by entering a PIN code, or presenting a reset key/card, depending on which system is used for logging onto the trucks.

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