Import Services launches port centric drive

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Import Services is targeting the port centric logistics market with the opening of a facility at Southampton.

Its specialist retail distribution centre at Southampton docks is one of three multi-user distribution centres comprising 379,000 sq ft.  It has 20,000 pallet positions with a 12m eaves height and seven levels of narrow aisle racking.

A container can be unpacked and palletised within one hour, and the facility sends out 30-40 loads of 26 pallets every day.

The company co-operated with research at the University of Southampton which showed that while only 25 per cent of suppliers have or have evaluated port centric logistics, 84 per cent of retailers recognise the benefits of ort centric logistics. 

These results, and the process of the research has underlined the firm’s commitment to port centric logistics.
John Eynon, managing director of Import Services said: “Working with shippers and retailers has brought the whole supply chain into focus.”

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