DHL launches City Logistics competition

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DHL has launched a competition on City Logistics which aims to gather ideas and input from academics, politicians, IT experts and others.

The concept, known as Open Innovation, is that firms should use ideas gathered from a variety of external sources in addition to ones generated internally, as they look to advance their technology. It is already used in the automotive, technology and consumer industries.

“With growing cities all over the world, the challenges of city logistics and urban living are becoming more and more demanding. Solutions for decreasing traffic and getting cities greener are crucial for the future. DHL knows that the logistics industry plays a significant role and we want to broaden our approach to City Logistics by also inviting people outside the company to contribute their perspective,” said Steffen Frankenberg, vice president at DHL Solutions & Innovations.

The competition focuses on three categories:

1. Logistics efficiency in urban areas
What can improve the logistics flows of goods and services in and out of limited environments? What new logistical challenges can be expected in the future? What kind of solutions can be developed to respond to these challenges?

2. Green City and Urban living
What defines a truly green city and what does it take to become one? What are the key challenges a city faces in the coming 50 years, and what kinds of regulations must be adopted to face these challenges?

3. Digital logistics
Which IT Solutions could improve logistics with respect to traffic management, traffic prediction, warehouse management, etc.? What are the innovative criteria behind these potential solutions? What are smart next-generation IT solutions?

The contest is conducted via a web-based platform, where ideas and experiences are submitted and discussed in an open forum.

The web site is open from 18th October, and the final date for submissions is 28th November.

A jury of experts from different fields and backgrounds will evaluate the submissions in December and name the winners of the contest in the first quarter of 2012.

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