Raising our game

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There can be few fields of business endeavour where change is so dramatic, or so rapid, as supply chain and logistics. Disciplines that barely existed outside academia 20 years ago have become central to corporate strategy. The move to see business in supply chain terms has revolutionised the way companies think about what they do and how they do it.

We now live in an age where you can manufacture the world’s best product, but it will do you no good if you haven’t got your supply chain right. And increasingly, getting the supply chain right also means building in the flexibility and agility to deal with the rapidly changing conditions that businesses face.

There can be no more eloquent testimony to this than the recent appointment of Tim Cook, an acknowledged supply chain expert, as chief executive of Apple.

I’ve been seeing many of these developments at first hand. As a judge in the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards, I have spent the past couple of weeks listening to professionals from some of the world’s leading companies talking about how they are raising their game.

It’s not only a privilege to be party to some of their secrets: it’s exciting to see the determination, ingenuity and innovation being employed.

So, it’s a good moment to talk about Logistics Manager & Supply Chain Standard and how we are raising our game to build on our position as the UK’s leading
publications for industry professionals.

We have formed a new publishing company, Akabo Media Ltd, dedicated to our industry. Our managing director Stephen Brooks not only has a distinguished
reputation in the publishing industry, he is an expert on digital media.

And we have exciting plans not only for our publications, but also for our conferences and exhibitions.

We have always prided ourselves on trying harder – and that is one thing that is not going to change.

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