Sunday 20th Jan 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Linde reveals enhanced VNA truck


Linde has enhanced its VNA modular combi truck and it now offers a maximum lift height of 17250mm, a picking cab option with split controls and tilting, barriers to assist the picking operation; and RFID communication systems.

The company said the new K-Range truck was designed to increase productivity, operating comfort and lower operator costs during high level pallet load storage and retrieval, picking and mixed applications.

The truck also incorporates the Linde System Control – a sensor which gives the man-up truck the intelligence to distinguish whether it is carrying a load or not, allowing it slow down when lifting, to guarantee stability and increased productivity when accelerating, decelerating and placing loads.

Mike Hawkins, warehouse systems and projects sales manager, said: “We envisage that the new K-Range truck will become popular among the majority of applications.”