Ford focuses on logistics suppliers in monitoring plan

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Ford has tripled the size of its programme to measure suppliers’ carbon footprint to cover 128 global suppliers – including suppliers of logistics services.

The programme accounts for nearly 60 per cent of the its $65 billion in annual purchases and covers companies that supply logistics services as well as vehicle production parts and components, and information technology.

Tony Brown, group vice president of Ford Global Purchasing, said: “By expanding our program to a cross-section of suppliers, we will significantly increase our understanding of suppliers’ ability to manage their carbon impacts and further inform the creation of a broad-based carbon management system.”

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Last year Ford surveyed 35 of its top suppliers and found significant variability in supplier readiness to measure and report greenhouse gas emissions. From these results, 80 per cent of respondents indicated that they track their carbon emissions, and 50 per cent of those companies indicated that they externally report their emissions.

Monique Oxender, global manager of Ford’s supply chain sustainability, said: “The results clearly demonstrated that those high-impact suppliers that we had hoped were paying attention to greenhouse gas emissions, in fact were doing so. However, these results may not represent the broader global automotive supply base’s readiness to track, report and proactively manage carbon emissions.”

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