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Logistics leaves important legacy
The support the UK logistics industry is giving Transaid is creating a very important legacy in Tanzania, the Princess Royal has told industry figures at Transaid’s annual showcase. More than 60 people attended the event hosted by Barclays Corporate to hear news of a project to provide professional training to bus and truck drivers in an effort to reduce the number of road deaths. The Princess Royal, who inspired the formation of Transaid and is the charity’s patron, said: “If we can create a group of people who do understand road safety we are leaving a very important group of people in that country.” Transaid chief executive Gary Forster said: “The number of lives lost on Africa’s roads continues to rise each year. Fortunately the support we receive from the transport and logistics industry continues to grow and we know that by providing the right training we will help reduce the number of fatalities.”

What the papers say…

Innovative uses for a warehouse
A team of scientists is trying to solve the secrets of the sun’s power in a warehouse at Burnaby near Vancouver. If their work on creating a nuclear-fusion power plant pans out, a world without the need to burn fossil fuels – and the life-threatening greenhouse gases they produce – could become a reality. If they fail, it could get “messy”, according to nuclear theorist Professor Erich Vogt.
The National Post, Canada, 4th October.

Innovative uses for a forklift
A forklift and chainsaw were needed to remove a “very large” man from his Essendon home in a marathon rescue job. To move the man, who weighed more than 200 kilos, rescue workers had to cut into the building to make the doorway bigger and then cut the legs off the man’s chair so it could be moved. He was then slowly transferred by the forklift to a waiting ambulance.
Herald Sun, Australia, 21st September.

West side warehouse story
With promises of $500 gift coupons, plasma televisions and video game systems, dozens of fugitives accused of a host of crimes were duped into going to a West Side warehouse, where instead they were arrested on outstanding warrants. As the fugitives pulled into the warehouse parking lot, they saw boxes being loaded into cars and were welcomed by staff, signs and balloons from “CW Marketing.” However, the CW in CW Marketing stood for the Central Warrants Unit of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. The sting resulted in 102 arrests.
Chicago Tribune, 5th October.

No tears shed for the onion smugglers
Bureau of Customs agents seized a cargo of smuggled onions worth P44.4 million (£650,000) in a Valenzuela City warehouse. The bureau said the onions – loaded in ten 40-foot container vans from China – were misdeclared as plastic cups and plasticware.
GMA News, The Philippines, 5th October.

Warehouse classroom
Teachers are planning to take over an empty warehouse to give schoolchildren the chance to fix a car and run their own business as part of a new scheme at The Priory School in Southend.
Basildon Echo, 5th October

A drop too much

An 18-year-old man stole a forklift and took it for a joyride causing about $6,000 damage on a drunken escapade. Shaun Daniel Brophy drove around Richmond’s streets, where he attempted to lift a van up with the forklift but dropped it on its side. He was remanded on bail for sentencing.
Nelson Mail, New Zealand, 18th October.

Hole in the wall gang
Orphey Wilson has been charged with stealing more than $200,000. Police said he unbolted an ATM from Bank of America in Spring on the outskirts of Houston. He then used a stolen forklift to load the machine into a stolen U-Haul. He was arrested less than a mile from the bank and charged with stealing more than $200,000.
Houston Chronicle, 2nd October.

Sing me a safe song
Sing to the tune of “Fun, Fun, Fun” by The Beach Boys:
Well, he hopped into the forklift
and went cruisin’ through the whole parking lot now
Seems he forgot the ‘triangle of stability’ that he was taught now
He went up on two wheels around a turn; that’s when he was caught now
But he had fun, fun, fun, till the boss man took his forklift awayayay.

Gabriel Curry, Pallet Enterprise, 1st October.

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