FTA rally cry to decapitate trailer height proposals

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The proposed 4m limit on trailer heights must be scrapped, the FTA has told the European Commission in a letter to EU transport commissioner Siim Kallas.

The FTA urged Kallas to intervene and withdraw the proposals before they pass beyond his control in Brussels.

James Hookham, the FTA’s managing director of policy and communications, said: “A future 4 metre height limit will have a catastrophic impact on many logistics contracts… FTA will not sleep until this proposal is in the bin.  We must decapitate the 4m limit before it takes the top off our trailers.”

The UK has established high cube networks and systems based on trailers up to 4.95m tall.

The FTA has put forward a five stage campaign plan to drive home its message:

1.  Send letters to the secretary of state for transport and EU transport commissioner.

2.  Briefings for MEPs – the European parliament will get to vote on the final proposals on a ‘”take it or leave it” basis before they become law.  It is important that they understand the significance of this issue for UK logistics, and vote accordingly.

3.  Visits to UK depots for European commission staff. The FTA wants those making the decisions to see first hand how we do things in the UK and realise the practical implications of their intended actions.

4.  A rally in Brussels to consolidate support for a higher limit. The FTA is organising an event to share experiences and build an alliance of interests with other member states that will be affected.  Any FTA member wanting to attend will be more than welcome.

5.  Consolidate support among other member states – So far FTA believes France, Sweden and Ireland are similarly minded.

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