Conveyor system for HMV’s Birmingham DC

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HMV has installed a conveyor system at its warehousing operation in Birmingham to improve the efficiency of its replenishment and picking operations.

It chose Lymm-based Conveyor Networks to provide the system as well as awarding it a 12-month support contract for the maintenance of its internet fulfilment centre.

Fraser Paget, supply chain project manager for HMV said: “The system that Conveyor Networks have designed and installed for us has made our replenishment and picking processes more efficient and ultimately has increased our productivity. This intelligent automated system has enabled us to respond more effectively, especially during peak periods”.

The task was to design an automated system to enable the picking and packing process to become more efficient through the effective transport of cartons and pallets.

It needed to re-use parts of an existing system and integrate them with a new conveyor system. Most importantly though, the system needed to be installed without interrupting the warehousing operation which works 24/7 replenishing HMV’s high street shops with games and technology products.

Managing Director of Conveyor Networks, David Carroll said: “The Birmingham project presented us with a number of significant challenges, the main one being the need to re-use parts of machinery from existing systems and integrate them with new systems in a different warehouse.”

Paget said: “We’re also pleased to be able to work with Conveyor Networks to maintain our conveyors at our internet fulfilment centre. The support and service levels they provide give us peace of mind that our systems are able to operate as effectively as possible, particularly important as we reach our busiest period.”

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