Sainsbury’s chooses Fraikin to manage home delivery fleet

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Sainsbury’s has chosen Fraikin to manage and maintain 220 home delivery vehicles in the South East.

Fraikin will be responsible for providing the fleet management for each of the 3.5 tonne vans which operate across an estate of 23 stores (spanning over an 80 mile radius), but also the recovery and repair of the vehicles with a guaranteed 90 minute response time.

Sainsbury’s aims to maintain a constant level of service 363 days a year within its one hour delivery slots. To achieve this Fraikin will be introducing a proactive maintenance programme, and in order to keep breakdowns to a minimum each vehicle will be serviced every twelve weeks.

A vehicle first aid pack is supplied with each vehicle to remedy minor defects such as light bulbs.  Additionally, a familiarisation guide is provided by Fraikin to ensure that the drivers are familiar with the vehicle and importantly understand how to operate it safely within residential and built up environments.

Fraikin chief Peter Backhouse said: “The fact that we have our own breakdown centre which is manned on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year will be a major bonus and in the event of a breakdown occurring our team of technicians will be able to quickly determine what course of action needs to be taken.”

Sainsbury’s currently operates approximately 1,350 home delivery vehicles in the UK.

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