Cargolux confirms guilty plea in US antitrust case

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Cargolux Airlines has confirmed that Ulrich Ogiermann, special advisor to the company, and Robert Van de Weg, senior vice president sales and marketing, have entered into a plea agreement with the United States Department of Justice.

The agreement includes guilty pleas by both executives and follows their personal indictment by a US grand jury for alleged violations of US antitrust laws. Ogiermann and Van de Weg agreed to sentence serving of 13 months.

Cargolux itself pleaded guilty in May 2009 in similar US proceedings against the company and agreed to pay a fine of $119m. While expressing its regret for the executives personally, Cargolux acknowledges their decision to plead guilty as a way to finally bring this matter to a controlled close both for them and the company.

The charges against Ogiermann and Van de Weg relate to conduct they undertook on behalf of the company and do not allege that they derived any personal benefit from the activities in question.

So far a total of 22 airlines and 21 executives have been charged in the DoJ’s air cargo investigation and more than US$ 1.8 billion fines have been imposed.

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