Tough new standards for London’s Low Emission Zone

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Tougher standards for the London Low Emission Zone came into effect on Tuesday, 3rd January. Trucks must now meet Euro 4 standards rather than Euro 3.

Vans have come into the scope of the regulations for the first time. The Freight Transport Association is advising operators of Y-registration (and some 51 plate) vans to keep out of London to avoid costly charges and fines.

Natalie Chapman, head of policy for London, said: “The penalties are such that non-compliance is simply not an option.  Research by FTA shows that fortunately, most large HGV fleet operators will be fully compliant with, or prepared for, the move up from Euro 3 to Euro 4 standard engines. 

“However, for tradespeople operating vans over ten years old the LEZ will be an entirely new consideration and, therefore, preparedness will be far lower.  This is where our immediate concern lies.”

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