New trucks for recycler

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Carrylift, has won a contract to supply JBMI Group with a mixed fleet of Nissan forklift trucks for its site at Hixon in Staffordshire.

JBMI handles up to 100,000 tonnes of waste and recycled products a year at Hixon. Carrylift is supplying a mixed fleet of  diesel and electric counterbalance trucks with 3.00 tonne and 4.00 tonne lifting capacities.

The GX trucks have been fitted with special foundry specification Cascade rotator/fork clamps with additional motor and ring gear splash guards enabling the trucks to work inside the foundry loading the hoppers and also in the mill to rotate the bins in and out of bays.

The Nissan DX, diesel, 3.0 tonne, counterbalance trucks have been fitted with special 3F475C full free lift masts used for loading and off-loading containers stacking ingots to 4.75m improving front visibility reducing product and vehicle damage.

The Nissan QX, electric, 3.0 tonne, counterbalance truck, is a heavy duty high voltage machine designed for high overall performance during extended working hours.

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