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Logistics Link South is emerging as prime choice for a cost-effective platform to launch new products, with this year’s event at Sandown Park, Esher, 21-22 February offering many new and exciting products and systems to help cut costs and improve productivity.

Apex Linvar on stand 23 will be showing its new range of dynamic, textile based mobile shelving products which bolt-on to pallet racking, named SpeedCell. SpeedCell is made up of vertical columns made from “technical” textiles, each of which contains multiple shelves.

SpeedCell is designed to work as an add-on to traditional racking, transforming the lower floor of pallet racking into a fast hand-picking area. The system eliminates dead space to the rear of shelving, and use flu space. Its thinner, reinforced shelves give impressive storage density. For more information go to

On stand 83, VSc Solutions Ltd will be demonstrating their new TranSend Delivery Management Executive Dashboard which graphically presents multi-dimensional management information on all activity relating to customers, order, deliveries, vehicles and drivers. TranSend ePOD integrates with systems for route planning and WMS and provides a single view of data configured around business-specific KPI’s using a simple drag and drop setup. Go to

Belgravium (stand153) will be presenting several new handheld and vehicle mounted terminals. The latest generation of Belgravium “Rugged by Design” devices, offering superior real-time data collection and scanning, will continue to optimise the warehousing and logistics operations of its international client base. See their website for more information

On stand 129, Carbon Trust Implementation Services will launch a new service with no upfront costs that matches customers looking to implement new lighting or heating equipment projects with established, high quality equipment suppliers accredited by the Carbon Trust. The Trust provides impartial support to organisations to enable them to obtain a set of high quality, competitive proposals and quotes from accredited suppliers for an energy efficiency or renewable energy project. The innovative service ensures warehouses can easily implement the best low energy lighting and heating projects to help reduce energy costs. To find out more go to

Ranpak (stand 85) a leader in paper-based protective packaging systems, has recently introduced an alternative to its traditional brown paper used to protect products in boxes during shipment to the end user. The new product line is a white paper which has a much cleaner appearance than the natural brown paper – a trait often required to complement products in an industry where image, hygiene and an absence of harmful chemicals are highly important, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. For further information visit

To find out more and register free for the show, seminars and conference programme, go to

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