Tea leaves the road behind

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Tea brand Typhoo is routeing almost a third of tea imports to its factory at Moreton in the Wirral through the port of Liverpool to cut carbon emissions.

Previously Typhoo had routed 95 per cent of its cargo through southern UK ports and then trunked it to the North West. Since last summer it has tripled its volumes through the port, and plans to take 45 per cent of its imports through Liverpool in the year ahead.

Typhoo chief executive Keith Packer said: “The partnership with Peel Ports has enabled us to deliver a key part of our sustainability plan and we will continue to work closely with them as our business grows.”

Paul McCoy, business manager imports and exports at Peel Ports said “By looking at the integrated ‘ship-to-door’ logistics costs, we not only optimise the transport leg from port to store, but also offer an efficient onward transport journey as Liverpool is closest to the consumer.”

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