How to get government cash for training

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Skills for Logistics and the National Skills Academy for Logistics are holding a joint open day at which employers can get advice on how to access government subsidies for training as well as learning about he range of logistics programmes available.

Both SfL and NSAL have recently received significant public funding to revolutionise the way skills training and development is procured and supplied.

The open day will take place at Skills for Logistics’s Milton Keynes offices on 1st March.

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“Some of the biggest and most successful companies operating in the logistics industry have realised that investing in skills training and staff development leads directly to increased business efficiency, while positioning them as employers of choice within their local community. A more highly skilled workforce also has a positive effect on reducing carbon emissions across a business,” said Dr Mick Jackson, chief executive officer of Skills for Logistics.

“We are an employer-led organisation, working to ensure that government policy on skills and training reflects the needs of logistics employers across the UK and we look forward to welcoming employers in the sector to our Milton Keynes offices on March 1st.”

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