Tesco launches rail service to Wales

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Tesco has launched a new rail service from its rail enabled distribution centre at Daventry  to the Wentloog terminal in South Wales to serve its Magor distribution centre.

The service is starting with 20 containers increasing to 34 over the next few months. When at full capacity it will take 22,000 lorry trips off the roads saving some 3,000 tonnes of CO2.

“This new service is part of our ongoing commitment to be a  zero carbon business by 2050,” said Nigel Jones, Tesco UK logistics director: 

“Utilising rail services allows us to transport products across the country in the most sustainable way, taking thousands of lorries off the road each year and reducing our carbon emissions. In addition to transferring goods from our central depot to other points for distribution to the stores, these  trains will also return to our depot with goods from our key suppliers making the service even more efficient.”

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Trains leaving from Daventry will transport products such as shampoo, deodorants, confectionary clothing and wine.  Trains returning to Daventry will be loaded with various inbound primary product that would have previously been taken to the depot on the road.

This train is operated in partnership with Stobart Rail and Direct Rail Services and is branded in the Tesco logo style reading “Less CO2 Rail”. 

Tesco currently operates three rail services: Daventry to Thurrock , Daventry to Livingston, and Livingston to Inverness.

Altogether the four services will take 72,000 journeys off the road, saving around 24,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.

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