Scania switches to ethanol lorries for internal logistics

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Truck maker Scania has gone over to bio-ethanol powered vehicles for its internal logistics. It reckons this will reduce CO2 emissions from its own goods transport at its Södertälje factory in Sweden by 70 per cent.

Anders Nielsen, Scania’s head of production and logistics, said: “As a supplier of transport solutions, it is important for us to take the lead in developing sustainable alternative solutions and demonstrate how sustainability and efficiency are linked in practice.”

In Södertälje, Scania primarily operates trucks to transport components and packaging material between its various production and assembly workshops.

These internal freight traffic operations were recently taken over by the Scania Transport Laboratory, a wholly-owned subsidiary that tests and evaluates vehicle characteristics and performance in commercial haulage.

Its task also includes developing and monitoring Scania’s drivers with regard to economic and safe driving.

It is using eight ethanol trucks for the operation. “By switching to ethanol, Scania is demonstrating that sustainable solutions can be achieved – here and now – with technology that is already available today,” said Nielsen.

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