Fuel campaigners in last ditch budget move

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Fuel prices campaigners have launched a last ditch effort to persuade the government not to push up fuel taxes in the budget which takes place on Wednesday, 21st March.

The Fair Fuel UK campaign fears that chancellor George Osborne is planning a 16p per gallon tax rise and is asking supporters to contact their MPs by email to put pressure on the Treasury for a “cut in fuel duty” not just another freeze.

Jakes de Kock of  The Fuelcard Company, which is supporting the campaign, warned that not implementing a freeze could mean the end for many hauliers. “This level of taxation simply can not be maintained by the UK’s hauliers who have already implemented as many fuel-efficient practices as possible yet are still being financially squeezed to the point of no return.

And FairFuelUK spokesperson Quentin Willson said: “It seems likely that the government will confirm in next weeks Budget plans to add 16p a gallon in extra fuel duty and VAT.  With the economy on its knees, with millions of families and businesses at breaking point, with petrol and diesel prices at record levels – this seems economic and social madness.”

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