Enersys extends XFC battery range

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Enersys has launched a new range of Hawker XFC batteries with 2V cells designed for  counterbalance trucks, reach trucks, pallet trucks, order pickers and AGVs.

The batteries can be used when in a partial state of charge. The charging profile of the XFC technology allows a rapid recharge in less than four hours from 60 per cent depth of discharge and opportunity charging as often as needed without damaging the batteries.

This means that XFC batteries can be specified for power-on-demand applications where charging can be done whenever the operator requires, whatever time is available. In this way they enable flexibility in the deployment and utilisation of handling equipment to support multi-shift operations.

By comparison, conventional batteries only provide optimum performance when discharged to a specific level before being fully recharged for 8-12 hours which means extra batteries are required to support continuous operations or else equipment is unavailable.

The introduction of the batteries with 2V cells follows the launch of  the original Hawker XFC range with 12V blocs in 2007.

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