FedEx carbon neutral plan for documents

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FedEx Express is launching a carbon-neutral shipping programme for its most widely used packaging for document shipping.

It will calculate on an annual basis the tons of carbon dioxide released through the shipment of all global FedEx Express envelopes. It will then purchase the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide offsets from the not-for-profit organisation, BP Target Neutral, which will neutralise the equivalent amount of CO2 emissions by investing in alternative energy or conservation projects, including biogas facilities on farms in the Netherlands, a reforestation project in the Tanzanian Southern Highlands that is converting degraded grassland to commercial forest, and a landfill gas collection system at Thailand’s first sanitary landfill.

“By making the FedEx Express envelope’s shipping carbon-neutral, our customers are provided with an environmentally-sound solution backed by the renowned high-quality service provided by FedEx—a win-win solution the customer can be proud of,” said Beth Galetti, vice president planning and engineering, FedEx Express EMEA.

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